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DWHDC provides the opportunity to participate in a safe, friendly, family orientated environment and caters for people interested in:

*  Team Penning 
*  Working Dog Training Days                                              
*  Cutting
*  Regular Practice & Horsemanship Training Days       
*  Novelty Days
*  Yard Trials
*  Arena Drafts
Dayboro Showgrounds,   Mt. Mee Road,   Queensland,   Australia
2018 Events Calendar:  *Note that dates are subject to change                                            

3rd February - Dog Training Day
17th February - Team Penning Day
3rd & 4th March - Horsemanship Clinic - Details TBC
17th March - Ranch Sorting & Cutting Day
7th April - Dog Training Day
14th April - Camdraft Cutout Day
12th May - Dog Training Day
19th May - Cutting Social Day
2nd June - Dog Training Day
9th & 10th June - Horsemanship Clinic - Details TBC
16th June - Team Penning Day
7th & 8th July - Dayboro Show
28th & 29th July - Horsemanship Clinic - Details TBC
4th August - Ranch Sorting Day
11th August - Dog Training Day
1st September - Dog Training Day
8th & 9th September - Horsemanship Clinic - Details TBC
15th September - Camdraft Cutout Day
6th October - Dog Training Day
20th October - Team Penning Day
17th November - Ranch Sorting & Cutting Day
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2018 Club Meetings:

20th January
26th February
26th March
30th April
28th May
25th June
20th July
27th August
24th September
29th October
26th November

All meetings are held at 7:00pm at Secretary's Office, Dayboro Showgrounds.  Members and other interested persons are encouraged to attend.